Tribute to our past president Marilyn Jean Perkinson

Marilyn Jean Perkinson, CSB retired from the board of trustees in May 2012. After joining the board of trustees of the Richmond-Petersburg Visiting Nursing Service for Christian Scientists, Inc. in 1990, Marilyn immediately assumed the responsibilities of president. As president, Marilyn cherished the vision of an organization that would reflect the spirit of the Manual by-law regarding Christian Science nursing. Her devotion to this vision helped to develop and establish a foundation unlike any other before it. The result of this dedication was the inception of The Dominion Foundation in 1991. By supporting Christian Science nursing and maintaining the integrity of the by-law for the Christian Science nurse, TDF remained true to the original intent of its founders and financial supporters.

Marilyn realized that the world has a great need for Christian Science nursing. Many healings have resulted from having a Christian Science nurse in the home. We rejoice over budding Christian Science nursing practices worldwide, and know that we are on the threshold of a new era. It is an era that Marilyn saw unfolding in her work with TDF and we have the privilege of seeing now.

The TDF treasurer, Pete Sappenfield, who worked along with Marilyn for as many years, has retired from the work. He also saw the great need for Christian Science nursing in the home and worked tirelessly toward its progress.

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